Food Channel Release Date Confirmed

Posted August 3, 2022

Welcome back to the WiiLink website people! Try not to faint while reading this article, because when I found out, I almost died.

Today, in our Discord server, we had a Q&A session! In this, things such as Wii Room, Terebi no Tomo and Food Channel were discussed.

Release Date

And finally, the part, you’ve been waiting for, the Food Channel release date is finally out! During the Q&A, it was announced that the official release date will be… drumroll pleaseAugust 28th 2022! To go alongside this, one of our very talented video editors Pineapple has created an awesome trailer to go alongside the release!

We all hope you enjoy the Food Channel as much as we enjoyed developing and translating it (Sketch let me have my wife and kids back), thank you for reading!

— oscie