Why WiiLink?

  • WiiLink is the only service to bring back Japanese exclusive Wii channels after they were officially shut down. We've made Wii no Ma and Digicam Print Channel functional once more, and we're hard at work on the Demae Channel. With our service, you can experience all of these once more on your Nintendo Wii - possibly for the first time.
  • We have also taken ahold of Striim Network! This means that you will be able to get back exclusive streaming channels back to your Wii, such as YouTube and Kirby TV Channel.

Why does WiiLink exist?

  • Without a replacement service for these Japanese and Streaming channels, they would be lost to time, never to be seen again. However, thanks to our work, future generations of players can experience these channels again!

Is using WiiLink legal?

  • Absolutely. We develop all of our channels without copyrighted code and material, and rely solely on what is provided within the channel and public knowledge. All code is written from the ground up. You will have no legal trouble from using our service.

Will the Demae Channel order real food?

  • Yes! There is already tested support for Domino's in Canada, and Deliveroo in Europe. There are plans to expand more services over to Demae for other countries.
  • Incase something changes along the line, we will always have fake ordering, with some restaurants from our team!

How do I install WiiLink on my Wii or Wii U?

  • For this, you'll want to check out our page on Wii.Guide (Striim Network), with simple, easy to follow instructions that are straight to the point for installing to your system.

How do I update WiiLink?

  • Updating WiiLink channels is the exact same as installing! You will want to use the WiiLink/Striim patcher and install the WADs that they give you.

Is your service open source?

Is your service a replacement for RiiConnect24?

  • No! This service is designed to be a companion to RiiConnect24, providing exclusive Japanese and streaming services, though some channels will be able to replace them (such as Mii Contest Channel and Everybody Votes Channel)

Why are we now developing for WC24 Channels?

  • Aside from Wiilink starting here to begin with (no joke, this service was created originally to be a complete alternative to the already existing iterations of the worldwide Wii channels), this was done for a couple reasons - Sketch wanted to learn more about the functioning of WC24 by developing, we wanted to offer some innovation into the current sphere of channels by implementing new features, and overall just make Wiilink a more complete all-in-one service.

But why do it if RC24 already has their own channels out?

  • Like it was said above; innovation. Additionally, I like to look at it this way - many things in society have been done already, however this has never been a deterrent for people because usually, this inspires better products on both sides of the board for both the new and the old. We hope that this effect will be brought out with the new services, so that everyone can benefit!

What about RiiConnect24?

  • If you already have RC24 on your console, don't fret! You don't have to install our versions of the software offered by them, and you can continue using them as you wish. This is not directly meant to be a replacement (albeit you may use it as such), and as such we just ask you to look at this as yet another addition to the Wiilink line.

Kirby TV Channel freezes on the Now Showing page, what do I do?

  • If you find that the Kirby TV Channel is freezing when you get to the "Now Showing" screen, that's because all of the Kirby: Right Back At Ya' episodes have finished airing! We are working on a rerun for the channel, so stay tuned for when we make an announcement about that in our Discord server.

When Demae Channel releases, how will I pay for food?

  • The Demae Channel only supports pay-on-delivery, where you will have to pay in either cash or card, to the delivery driver. You cannot input your card details into the Demae Channel or Set Personal Data in any way.

Does WiiLink save my address when using Demae Channel?

  • No, we cannot see your address. The only time we ever recieve it is when you place an order, where it is sent straight to the provider (e.g. Dominos), not us.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask questions in the Discord server !