Frequently Asked Questions

Information about the service itself.

Why WiiLink?

WiiLink is the only service to bring back Japanese exclusive Wii channels after they were officially shut down. We’ve made Wii no Ma and the Digicam Print Channel functional once more. We’re hard at work on the Demae Channel, letting you order food directly from your Wii. With our service, you can experience all of these once more on your Nintendo Wii - possibly for the first time.

Why does WiiLink exist?

Without a replacement service for these Japanese and Streaming channels, they would be lost to time, never to be seen again. However, thanks to our work, future generations of players can experience these channels again!

Is using WiiLink legal?

Absolutely. We develop all of our channels without copyrighted code and material, and rely solely on what is provided within the channel and public knowledge. All code is written from the ground up. You will have no legal trouble from using our service.



Regarding the channels you install to your Wii.

“I have a question about a WiiLink channel!”

Check our Services and read that channel’s FAQ. Your question may already be answered! If you still have questions, please reach out. We’re more than happy to assist! The best time for real-time support is within our Discord server, where an active community exists. You can also contact us via our Twitter account!

“How do I install a WiiLink channel on my Wii or Wii U?”

You’ll want to check out our instructions on for simple, easy to follow instructions to get everything installed. For video streaming channels from Striim Network, see their installation guide!

“How do I update a WiiLink channel?”

Updating WiiLink channels is the exact same as installing! Simply run the WiiLink Patcher once more, and install the created WADs.

“I’m recieving error -1022 when trying to install WiiLink WADs on my WAD Manager!”

Whenever this happens, just press - and then A on the Wii Remote to uninstall the channel(s). Afterwards, reinstall the channel(s) from your WAD directory. If the problem persists, please bring up the issue in support on our Discord server and we will try to help you.

“Is your service open source?”

Absolutely! We’re a strong believer in open source - from our service backends to our patchers, we strive to release source code. We’re primarily active on GitHub, and highly appreciate contributions! Check us out:



“Is your service a replacement for services such as RiiConnect24?”

No! This service is designed to be a companion to RiiConnect24, providing exclusive Japanese and streaming services, though some channels will be able to replace them (such as the Check Mii Out and Everybody Votes Channels)

“Why is WiiLink developing WiiConnect24?”

Having a fresh approach to existing methods is important. For example, doing our own research can lead to important developments. Developing for WiiConnect24 channels allows a fresh look into its functionality, allowing important resources like WiiBrew to be updated.

“WiiConnect24 services are already provided by other projects - why WiiLink?”

We believe we can offer a fresh, new, and exciting spin on what WiiConnect24 channels can provide!

“Will WiiLink’s offering conflict with existing services?”

If you already have existing services (such as RiiConnect24) on your console, don’t fret! You won’t have to install our versions of the software offered by them, and you can continue using them as you already are. This is not directly meant to be a replacement (albeit you may use it as such), and as such we just ask you to look at this as yet another addition to the WiiLink services line.