Digicam Install Guide

Digicam Installation

Thank you for trying out WiiLink24!

Installing Digicam takes a few more steps than usual, but it’s made easy with our patchers.

What you need


  1. Download the required files based on your OS. On Windows, run WiiLink24Patcher.bat. On Unix systems, launch terminal and type sh, then drag the WiiLink24Patcher.sh into the terminal and press enter.
  2. Press 1 to choose “Start” and confirm your selection by pressing ENTER.
  3. For this guide, choose “Install WiiLink24 on your Wii
  4. Select your language.
  5. Connect the SD Card or USB Drive to your computer and select “1”.
  6. If your device was detected successfully, select “1”. If not, make sure there’s a folder called apps on your SD Card or USB Device and try again.
  7. Be patient…
  8. Once it’s done, you can safely close the patcher. All of the files are ready on your SD Card.
  9. If it did not copy everything automatically to your SD Card or USB Device, copy the WAD and apps folder next to WiiLink24Patcher.bat to your SD Card or USB Device.
  10. Put your SD card or USB drive in your Wii.
  11. Launch the Homebrew Channel on your Wii.
  12. Launch Wii Mod Lite.
  13. Using the +Control Pad on your Wii Remote, navigate to WAD Manager, and then navigate to the wad folder.
  14. If your Wii is not a Japanese region, install WiiLink24_SPD.wad before anything else. This is required so that we know your email address to send files.
  15. Select the Digicam Channel WAD and press A to install.
  16. After it is successfully installed, press the HOME Button to exit back to the Homebrew Channel.
  17. Launch Digicam and enjoy!

How to add your email to SPD

Please make sure you have Digicam and the SPD wad installed on your Wii.

  1. Launch Digicam from your Wii’s home menu
  2. On the bottom right, press Address settings and then Yes.
  3. Click on Email Address within SPD and type in your email address (make sure you put it in correctly or it will not work!)
  4. Press OK and then Done
  5. Once you are in the SPD main menu, choose Digicam in the Choose Channel menu. After you’ve done that, it should work!