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Kirby TV re-release and real food ordering

Issue 13 - September 4, 2022

Hey there! Thanks for checking back in to the WiiLink news page, I appreciate it! We have a LOT of new information today, so buckle up…

Kirby TV Channel Re-run

Over the past while, I have been developing an easy way for WiiLink developers to re-run the Kirby TV episodes for your viewing pleasure, and today, it is finally being put to use! Today at 16:00 UTC (18:00 CEST, 12:00 ET), Kirby episodes will begin to show up, being viewable for 4 days at a time, with a new episode showing up every day. Alongside this, the Settings Menu has been fully revamped, working perfectly as intended. If you have the channel installed, you do not need to re-install it! If you do not have the channel, you can download it at

Food Channel Release

As previously mentioned in the last news update, the Food Channel has released! It was insane!!!! We had about 100 people in the Voice Chats of our Discord server which you should totally join by the way, all discussing the release. We spent so much time crunching in the final few strings to make it just on time for the release date. Don’t fret, we are aware that there are some issues with the translation and the team are working on it to get it perfect.

Real Food Ordering

One of our most talented developers on the team, giustino, has been helping us get real food ordering ready for a while now, with his cool reverse engeneering tactics on the Domino’s and Deliveroo API.

On this note, Domino’s is ready for private testing! Please join the Discord server and run /apply in #bot-commands. Be quick, because there is a limited amount of spots open. Please note that this is only available for users in the United States of America and Canada. Terms and Conditions Apply.

We apologise for the limited areas that this works in, but other services are being worked on! For example, Deliveroo (working in Australia, France, the United Kingdom and more) is very close to completion, so keep an ear out for more news on this.

A very new news page

You may have noticed, while visiting this page, that it looks absolutely different here! With many thanks to Snoot, they have completely redesigned the way that the news pages work, making it easier and more readable for you!

Thank you very much for reading this incredibly huge update, we hope to see you back here soon!

— oscie

Food Channel Release Date Confirmed

Issue 12 - August 3, 2022

Welcome back to the WiiLink website people! Try not to faint while reading this article, because when I found out, I almost died.

Today, in our Discord server, we had a Q&A session! In this, things such as Wii Room, Terebi no Tomo and Food Channel were discussed.

Release Date

And finally, the part, you’ve been waiting for, the Food Channel release date is finally out! During the Q&A, it was announced that the official release date will be… drumroll pleaseAugust 28th 2022! To go alongside this, one of our very talented video editors Pineapple has created an awesome trailer to go alongside the release!

We all hope you enjoy the Food Channel as much as we enjoyed developing and translating it (Sketch let me have my wife and kids back), thank you for reading!

— oscie

WiiConnect24 is coming to WiiLink

Issue 11 - February 19, 2022

Hey there! It is me back with another news article for you peeps! There has been alot of stuff going on behind the scenes of WiiLink so get ready!

On the 15th of February 2022, the Striim Network service merged with WiiLink! This is great for both services for 2 great reasons. It means WiiLink users will get media applications on their Wii such as Kirby TV Channel and YouTube! Alongside that, it means the development team for Striim will be bigger! This means that development can happen faster :D

New Wii Room content

Recently, we have been searching for as much old content that was originally on Wii Room as possible. After researching for a bit, we discovered that there were 3 shows that were put onto DVDs after the cessation of service: “The Illustrated Book of the Universe” (森羅万象地球図鑑), “The Fascinating Repairman” and “Tondemo! Science” (トンデモ!さいえんす).

After a while, our friend Snap found an auction link to The Illustrated Book of the Universe on Buyee, and they bought it! This currently is on the Wii Room service :D

Quite recently, Tondemo! Science was also found! The owner of WiiLink (Sketch) had bought it and is working on putting it on Wii Room. In celebration of this, we had a Mii contest of Dr Tondemo in our Discord server, in which Jaff80 won! Here is the Mii they created:

Image of the Mii created

The Mii will be put up as a guest sometime soon and so will the show! Keep an eye out on the news page to see when.

You heard that right, WiiConnect24 channels are being developed! We all feel like this is a great move for the service to make it easier for our users. Alongside this, you may have noticed the 5 new items in the services section. Nintendo Channel, Everybody Votes Channel and Mii Contest channel; those are the WiiConnect24 channels. YouTube and Kirby TV Channel; the Striim Network channels. Sketch has been working hard, creating the servers for Everybody Votes Channel, and he is super close to completing it already in a few days, ready for testers hopefully by the weekend. Nintendo Channel also has alot of progress, so keep an eye out for news on that.

And thats all for now! I really hope you enjoyed this and are excited for the WiiConnect24 channels because I know I am :D Have fun, and enjoy your weekend!

— oscie

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