August 3rd, 2022

Food Channel Release Date Confirmed!

Welcome back to the WiiLink website people! Try not to faint while reading this article, because when I found out, I almost died.

WiiLink Discord Q&A

Today, in our Discord server, we had a Q&A session! In this, things such as Wii Room, Terebi no Tomo and Food Channel were discussed.

Release Date

And finally, the part, you've been waiting for, the Food Channel release date is finally out! During the Q&A, it was announced that the official release date will be... drumroll please... August 28th 2022! To go alongside this, one of our very talented video editors Pineapple has created an awesome trailer to go alongside the release!

We all hope you enjoy the Food Channel as much as we enjoyed developing and translating it (Sketch let me have my wife and kids back), thank you for reading!

— oscie

February 19th, 2022

WiiConnect24 is coming to WiiLink!

Hey there! It is me back with another news article for you peeps! There has been alot of stuff going on behind the scenes of WiiLink so get ready!

Striim Network has merged with WiiLink

On the 15th of February 2022, the Striim Network service merged with WiiLink! This is great for both services for 2 great reasons. It means WiiLink users will get media applications on their Wii such as Kirby TV Channel and YouTube! Alongside that, it means the development team for Striim will be bigger! This means that development can happen faster :D

New Wii Room content

Recently, we have been searching for as much old content that was originally on Wii Room as possible. After researching for a bit, we discovered that there were 3 shows that were put onto DVDs after the cessation of service: "The Illustrated Book of the Universe" (森羅万象地球図鑑), "The Fascinating Repairman" and "Tondemo! Science" (トンデモ!さいえんす). After a while, our friend Snap found an auction link to The Illustrated Book of the Universe on Buyee, and they bought it! This currently is on the Wii Room service :D Quite recently, Tondemo! Science was also found! The owner of WiiLink (Sketch) had bought it and is working on putting it on Wii Room. In celebration of this, we had a Mii contest of Dr Tondemo in our Discord, in which Jaff80 won! Here is the Mii they created:

Image of the Mii created

The Mii will be put up as a guest sometime soon and so will the show! Keep an eye out on the news page to see when.

WiiConnect24 channels are making their way to WiiLink!

You heard that right, WiiConnect24 channels are being developed! We all feel like this is a great move for the service to make it easier for our users. Alongside this, you may have noticed the 5 new items in the services section. Nintendo Channel, Everybody Votes Channel and Mii Contest channel; those are the WiiConnect24 channels. YouTube and Kirby TV Channel; the Striim Network channels. Sketch has been working hard, creating the servers for Everybody Votes Channel, and he is super close to completing it already in a few days, ready for testers hopefully by the weekend. Nintendo Channel also has alot of progress, so keep an eye out for news on that.

And thats all for now! I really hope you enjoyed this and are excited for the WiiConnect24 channels because I know I am :D Have fun, and enjoy your weekend!

— oscie

January 3rd, 2022

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year folks! How has your year gone so far? I hope its been great. Today, I will be giving updates on the service, alongside things based around the community, such as things that will possibly be coming to WiiLink in 2022! (Content from here onwards is provided by Sketch.)


As of now, contributing to the project is a pretty daunting task. There are no database schemas on the Github repos to help new contributors get started. As such, in the next couple weeks I will be adding boilerplate code and database schemas to the Github repos which should hopefully allow for more contributors. Remember, this is an open source project. Everyone is allowed to help out if they can!

Status of Channels

The last release of a channel was in May of last year! As I did postpone the release of v1025 (Shopping) final due to personal issues, some of you have been asking the ETA on that. I do not have a concrete release date yet, but hopefully it is in the next few months. v770 (Theatre) is still in development! Most of its bugs have been worked out and all that is really left is purchasing and translations. Again, no ETA. Digicam will be restored to its release state on January 5, 2022. If you have not created a custom Wii-themed card yet, you have 3 more days to do so. Now for the the channel that everyone is probably asking about, the Demae Channel. Fake food ordering is pretty much 100% complete, with only 1 ppchalt in the entire channel from what has been observed. Translations are the final part for this channel. I cannot give an exact ETA on this, but I would like to slate release for mid/late Spring. Real food on the other hand is tricky. Thanks to Emma (IPG), the Demae Channel now sends the MAC Address which will allow for real food ordering to be possible. Currently we have Domino's in the US/Canada and Deliveroo in parts of Europe. I do not expect a release date until the end of 2022 as I would like to take as much time on this as possible.

Discord Aspect

The WiiLink team would like to hear from you on how we can make the server a better place! In the below Google Form, you can tell us what things you would like to see added to Discord server or WiiLink Bot. If you do not fancy a Google Form, suggestions-no-videos is always available. Google Form Link.


WiiLink's public services will always be free. The patreon tier allows only for early access to channels. Thank you so much for reading this, and thank you all for your constant support! Without you all, this wouldnt be possible, so lets hope 2022 is a great year!

— oscie

December 5th, 2021

Wii Room Month!

Hey there and welcome back to another news post! This month of December will be a great one for you if you enjoy Wii Room, because we have packed this month full of fun events. Here is a timetable of everything we have to offer this month:

Dec 7th: Wii Room Q&A

On the 7th of December at 6PM EST (11pm GMT, 12am CEST, 3pm PST), we will have a Q&A all about Wii Room in our Discord server! Here you can ask anything about Wii Room, from progress, to features, anything! It'll be hosted by Sketch with some other team members with us to assist with the questions we get.

Dec 12th: WiiLink Game Night

On the 12th of December, the server will join in a voice chat and play many assorted Wii games, so come join us when it is time and have fun with the community!

Dec 18th: Wii Room Movie Night

We have tried this before, so we are trying it again! At some point, there will be a movie in the theatre room for you to watch! It'll be christmas-themed due to the time of year, so get ready!

Dec 19: Special POTW

I have no clue what this will be so keep your eyes out for this. It'll be from a special person so be prepared!

Dec 21: Release Trailer

On the 21st, the Wii Room full release trailer will release! This trailer will be made by the wonderful Pineapple, you can check his content out here! He had previously made the Search for Digicam video we had for Digicam so have high expectations for this edition!

Dec 25: v1025 Release!

Finally, the day we have all been waiting for!!! This month, our translators and developers have been working hard to get the channel fully finished for Christmas to release, so please do thank them! The channel will finally be in all languages the Wii supports so you can use it comfortably in your own language.


Thank you for reading this edition of WiiLink News, I hope you will enjoy this month, and on behalf of everyone on the team, thank you for using WiiLink!

— oscie

November 23rd, 2021

Lots of new stuff!

Hey there people! It has been way too long since the last update, so this will be a long one. Theres been alot of new progress on stuff such as Demae Channel, Digicam, our custom Wii Patcher and Wii Room (GO and 770 in particular o.o). Recently, the Wii turned 15 🎉, which is a big step, and in commemoration, Luna (an Admin and Translator) has created a documentary showing off the Wii's entire online history, which you can check out here! Since the last update too, Spotlight stepped down as the lead of the project, being replaced with Sketch, who we have all welcomed as the owner with open arms.

Lets start with Demae.

Translations have been rebooted fully and as of now, the English translation is almost fully completed! Sketch ordered a few pizzas with Demae since the last update, and you can see the latest stream highlights here:

The Webpanel for Demae is complete, making it easier for developers to add stores and custom restaurants have been added. Dominos works too and more restaurants are planned for the future so keep an eye on that ;).

Wii Room Updates.

"This is still being worked on??" Yes, it is dear reader. We have been working hard on fixing translations for full release in the near future, alongside some work on Wii Room GO. Videos have been starting and translations for the application are complete! The manual is being worked on so keep an eye on that. Wii Room v770 has been released to testers as of November 22nd, working almost completely missing out translations which have barely just started.

Wii Fit Body Check Channel Info

While development has stopped for now (for bigger and better things), we have found some cool info about it, by going to the store page in the Wii Shop Channel (Thanks giustino for working on that with me!). We found a description on how the channel would work through images, though we wont make that public for now.

Digicam Print Channel and Wii Patcher

For the 15th anniversary of the Wii, we released a special version of the Digicam Print Channel WAD in the Wii Patcher containing special Wii Themed cards. There is:

  • RiiConnect24 Card
  • 2x WiiLink Cards
  • Wii Circles Card

The Wii Patcher may look familiar to you if you have used our SPD, which is what the channels GUI is based off of. It was built entirely from the ground up by Sketch.


Thank you for reading this news post, it has been quite a while so thanks for sticking with us! Alot of work is still going on behind the scenes and we hope to be able to give more updates on projects soon.

On a final note, the release date for Wii Room v1025's full release is: d2F0Y2g/dj0xbS1sTVRiZHAyTQ==

— oscie

May 15th, 2021

Digicam. Full. Public. Release.

Hey all, today Digicam releases today, and happens to be our second service! Isn't that great? Everyone on the team has worked super hard on this and it's our first ever full release EVER! Here's a link to the Livestream. Now lets go over some of the things you can do in Digicam Print Channel if you've never used/heard of it:

  • You can make all of these types of prints
    • Camera Print
    • Wii Photo Book (Single, Portrait)
    • Wii Photo Book (Single, Landscape)
    • Wii Photo Book (Standard)
    • Wii Business Card (Photo)
    • Wii Business Card (Mii)
  • Instant response - Get your prints within seconds
  • Print's go directly to your email inbox thanks to SPD!
  • Digicard - Upload your Digicam Print Channel Business Card (Photo or Mii) for a Discord bot command that'll show it off
  • Draft your own photo album using photos you already own
  • Create a stylish Mii business card using your Wii

Please note delivery and payment in Digicam do not work, and we are not liable if you put your card details into the box, instead put in fake details that arent real. Thanks for reading the summary of the release, and have fun printing!

— oscie

May 1st, 2021

Wii Room Beta v3 is out!

Hi! It's almost been a whole month since the last article but here we go again. As you may know, Wii Room Public Beta v3 is now out! If you haven't seen, here is the Trailer, and the stream was at 2PM EDT. You can of course go to the YouTube channel and find it, since (at the time of writing this), it has not gone live yet. Here are the new features within Beta 3:

  • More accurate and thorough translations
  • Many strings don't cut off anymore yay
  • Localized time in the main room! You can now see daylight :D
  • Suggested Videos now work finally
  • Less crashes/PPCHalts, you get to keep your ears
  • New News! It shall contain updates for content and other updates like that so keep an eye out.
  • Localized Strap Screen, for example if you have a French Wii, the strap screen will be in french!
  • More posters, these will be from Donators. If you want one of your own, donate here!
  • More theatre content: We have moved "Kirby: Right back at Ya!" to the theatre with authentic posters!
  • Rooms support, with new content being updated there at some point (dont ask when, I have no clue)
  • Stability fixes, so hopefully less bugs
  • French/Dutch/Japanese will have a less chance of crashing.
  • Searching works! It has for a while now but I feel like it should be brought up.

Thank you for reading the summary of the update, have fun in Beta v3!

— oscie

April 1st, 2021

An update to yesterday's update...

  • Yes, the Wii Fit Body Check Channel was unfortunately a rickroll. April Fools! However, we do have something good and legitimate to announce this lovely April 1st. After seeing how legitimately interested people were in the Wii Fit Body Check Channel and how excited people were for its release, we gained a real interest in bringing it back. As such, we are excited to announce that as of today, the Wii Fit Body Check Channel is officially in development!

We are all genuinely sorry for this and, as you can see, are now working on it. Thanks for reading and sorry for getting your hopes up.

— oscie

March 31st, 2021

A brief (but large) WiiLink update!

  • Digicam Print Channel is in private beta and is soon to release. - Testers have been going at it finding bugs, and also PPCHalts, as always :D.
  • Demae Channel update - As you may know, there used to be a channel exclusively in Japan that let you order food from your Wii. While ours may not allow you to order real food, you can still emulate the experience, with dummy ordering. The translation is going well, and the servers are going better, with new findings almost each week!
  • Wii Fit Body Check Channel - As you may have noticed, on the services page, The "Wii Fit Body Check channel" will release on April 1st. Bascially what it allowed you to do was use the Wii Fit game to do some body tests, and it would send it straight to your doctors office. While it wont work with us, you will get an email with the results, which is still amazing! Spotlight and Sketch have been working tirelessly for the last few days working on this, so dont forget to thank them!

Thanks for reading my first news update, it's been a while since one so I hope this cleared alot up!

— oscie

December 14th, 2020

We're back with more news today! Here's the latest on everything WiiLink24:

  • The site has gotten a bit of a makeover! Rather than have one page for everything, there are now individual pages for the services. This way, we can have screenshots and more detailed info about each service.
  • The Public Beta is OUT! Wii Room is now available to all in the form of a beta. This means that not everything is present as of now but we'll add more features in the future. To get it, check out the Guide!
  • Thanks to everyone who was part of the launch event on the 5th! We had an awesome time in our Discord!

Thanks for reading, see you next time for another news report!

— Mint

December 3rd, 2020

Welcome to the first news issue for WiiLink24! I'll be making news reports here every so often to tell you about what's going on at WL24. Here's what you need to know:

  • Wii Room Public Beta - Starting this Saturday, we'll be opening up Wii Room as an open beta. This means that some things won't be fully finished but it'll be open for everyone to use. We'll be streaming on our YouTube channel on Saturday to commemorate this occasion, so be sure to join us then! Check it right here! We currently do not have anything to announce at this time regarding Dokodemo Wii no Ma/Wii Room Go, but we'll update the site with new info when we do.
  • Mascot - In case you haven't been following our Twitter, we're here to say that we have a mascot - Digi! He'll be used throughout promotional material, and we have emojis of him in our Discord. He also has a Twitter of his own, which you can see right here.
  • Ask us stuff! If you're in our Discord, we have a new channel called #wl24-ama, where you can ask us questions about the service. Don't be afraid to ask anything!

Thanks for reading today's news update! Check back later for more news about the service.

— Mint