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Welcome to WiiLink!

WiiLink resurrects many different channels.
Here's what we currently support:

Wii Room


Re-enter the Wii Room, Nintendo's closed Japanese video-on-demand and shopping service.

Photo Prints Channel


Create albums and business cards with photos from your SD card or with your Mii characters.

Kirby TV Channel

Watch episodes of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! anime on this channel previously only available in Europe.

Food Channel


Order various types of food directly to your home via your Wii, and pay on delivery.

Forecast Channel

Find current and upcoming weather from your local region or around the globe.

Nintendo Channel

An interactive guide to games for Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS, with trailers, demos and more.

TV Guide Channel


Check your local TV programming guide, find shows that interest you and control your TV with your Wii Remote.

Head over to the status tab to check out all we have to offer!

Quick FAQ

WiiLink is the only service to bring back Japanese exclusive Wii channels after they were officially shut down. We've made Wii no Ma, the Demae Channel, and Digicam Print Channel functional once more. With our service, you can experience all of these once more on your Nintendo Wii - possibly for the first time.

Without a replacement service for these channels, they would be lost to time, never to be seen again. However, thanks to our work, future generations of players can experience these channels again!

Absolutely. We develop all of our channels without copyrighted code and material, and rely solely on what is provided within the channel and public knowledge. All code is written from the ground up. You will have no legal trouble from using our service.


Any other questions? If so, be sure to read our full FAQ!

People behind the project

Some of the incredible people who help bring WiiLink to life!


Catch up on the latest news of the service!

Look, ma, we're on Dolphin!
Lotta new stuff, lots to talk about!
Website redesign!
Breathing some new life into an outdated site...
Welcome back to the WiiLink news page, it's good to have you back! In the last *checks watch* 3 months since the last update, there have been many changes to WiiLink.
Wii Room content re-uploaded!
Hiya and welcome back to the WiiLink website, your home for the top news stories in the Wii community (this is a joke).
Kirby TV re-release and real food ordering
Hey there! Thanks for checking back in to the WiiLink news page, I appreciate it! We have a LOT of new information today, so buckle up...
Food Channel Release Date Confirmed
Welcome back to the WiiLink website people! Try not to faint while reading this article, because when I found out, I almost died.
WiiConnect24 is coming to WiiLink
Hey there! It is me back with another news article for you peeps! There has been alot of stuff going on behind the scenes of WiiLink so get ready!
Happy New Year
Happy New Year folks!
Wii Room Month
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Lots of new stuff
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Digicam. Full. Public. Release
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Wii Room Beta v3 is out
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An update to yesterday's update
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A brief (but large) WiiLink update
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Status of WiiLink24
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We're back with more news today!
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Welcome to the first news issue for WiiLink24!
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