Wii Room

All the content you want, whenever you want it.

Wii Room is an exciting new way to use your console

  • Interact with your Wii in a way never before seen. View new content within the Homebrew community. Watch videos and movies - or even a cooking guide.


How can I install Wii Room?

It’s simple! Visit our instructions on wii.guide to get started.

Is there an ETA on the release of Wii Room?

We do not currently have an exact date. Progress on the development of Wii Room and other services can be checked within announcements on our Discord server or Twitter!

Can I suggest videos to be put on Wii Room?

Because so many people would like to suggest videos for Wii Room, we currently restrict this ability to our Patreon donators.

When will new content be added?

We are currently working on new ways to more easily update content. Stay tuned!

Why can I not rent a movie in Wii Room?

You can’t purchase yet because of technical issues, with the same going for the shop, however these are currently being researched and worked on. For now, you can watch Wii Room content by clicking the “Trailer” button on a video.

When will the Wii Room shop be functional?

We currently have no plans regarding this.

I have a PAL region console. Unfortunately, Wii Room freezes or crashes

Unfortunately, this is a known issue. We’re aware of many crashes for PAL region consoles. We continue to work on a solution for this, and thank you for your patience.

I keep running into an error code starting with 354. What can I do?

Please join our Discord server or message us on our Twitter account with more information. This error is server-side, so please let us know what happened for it to occur!