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    SD Card or USB Drive

    Internet Connection

    Windows, Mac, or Linux Computer

    Installation guide

    This software is standardly included after using the “Express” option on the WiiLink Patcher. To figure out how to use it, click here.

    1. Open the Mail-Patcher application from the Homebrew Channel.

    2. Follow the on-screen instructions.

    3. Once the patcher is finished, you can return to the Wii Menu.

    Congratulations! You’ve patched Wii Mail on your Console! You can use the service to your hearts content once again!

    Receiving Mail from the service with our DNS

    This step is completely optional, but recommended so you can get service news directly from your Wii! You can view the steps on how to use the DNS here.

    Troubleshooting & Questions

    Please join the WiiLink Discord server. for support, you may need to have your Wii Number removed on the database side in order to remedy this issue.