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Wii Message Board

Send Messages to your Wii Friends at any time!

  • Have fun talking to your friends on the Wii again!

  • Now integrated into the “Dolphin” Emulator!

Installtion Guide

What you need:

An SD Card or USB Drive

A Wii with an Internet Connection

A Windows, Mac, or Linux Computer

This software is included with your regular WiiLink install, if you wish to switch from RiiConnect24’s Mail Service over to WiiLink, you’ll need to use the WiiLink Mail Patcer and follow the instructions below.

Make sure your SD Card/USB Drive is connected to your Computer in order for the Patcher to automatically send your files to your Wii’s SD Card/USB Drive.

  1. Open the WiiLink Mail Patcher application inside the Homebrew Channel.

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.

  3. Once the Patcher is Complete, You can return to the Wii Menu.

Congrats! You’ve installed the Wii Mail Service on your Console! You can use the service to your hearts content once again!

Troubleshooting & Questions

Im Getting Error Code: -50130, What should I do?

Run a Connection Test on your Wii, If it’s Successful, Run the Patcher again. If it Fails, Use a Different Internet Connection.

I’m getting Error Code: -110211 What should I do?

If you ran the patcher for the first time and got that error. Open a Support Thread on our Discord Server and We’ll happily help you resolve the issue.

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