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    SD Card or USB Drive

    Internet Connection

    Windows, Mac, or Linux Computer

    Installation guide

    1. Download the latest version of the WiiLink Patcher for your operating system.

    2. Launch the patcher and begin the download process by selecting “Express Install Setup"".

    Make sure your SD Card/USB Drive is connected to your Computer in order for the Patcher to automatically send your files to your Wii’s SD Card/USB Drive.

    1. After the Patcher is done downloading the files, simply disconnect your SD Card/USB Drive from your Computer, and input it into your Wii/Wii U.

    2. Start up the Homebrew Channel and enter yawmME (YAWM ModMii Edition).

    3. Highlight the WAD with Photo Prints Channel (English) or Digicam Print Channel (Japan) (depending on your Console Region) and WiiLink SPD as its name and press + to select them. When all of them are selected, press A twice to install the WADs.

    The WiiLink SPD file should have either (Wii) or (vWii) in its name depending on the Console you’re installing it on.

    If you happen to get Error -1022/Error -1029 when installing Kirby TV Channel (WiiLink), uninstall the channel by selecting the WAD with - and pressing A. Then, re-install the WAD.

    1. After it is successfully installed, press the HOME Button to exit back to the Homebrew Channel. Press the HOME Button again and select "Exit to System Menu".

    Congrats! You’ve installed the Photo Prints Channel on your Console! Enjoy the Channel to your hearts content once again!

    Troubleshooting & Questions

    ”Are the photos directly mailed to me?”

    No. We use the email address you have registered via Set Personal Data.

    Your photos are rendered on our server, and a ZIP file is emailed directly to you.

    If you want your Photos printed, you will have to do that yourself with a Printer.

    ”The Photo Prints Channel is telling me that my selected image is not supported!”

    Photo Print only supports “baseline” (not “progressive”, or “interlaced”) JPEGs. Here are some tips to make your photo compatible:

    • Using Photoshop:

      • Go to File > Export > Save for Web (Legacy)

      • Change the format to JPEG. Make sure to uncheck ‘Progressive’ and ‘Optimized’.

    • Using Paint.NET:

      • Go to File -> Save As…

      • Change the ‘Save as type’ to JPEG, and save.

      • You do not need to change any options - Paint.NET does not support progressive JPEG, and will save as baseline.

    ”Photo Print is telling me that my address is within ‘Dallas, TX‘“

    This is the default address. Please change it via the “Set Personal Data” App.

    ”I use Dolphin. My photos or Miis sometimes become black. What can I do?”

    Within Dolphin’s graphics settings, disable the setting “Store XFB Copies to Texture Only”.