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  • Wii Room v1.0 Release!

    6 Jul 2024 NecroNova Content Curator

    Heya everybody! Once again, it is your friendly newsletter poster Nova here to bring you some big news, this time about our recent major service release; Wii Room v1.0!

    Features of Wii Room v1.0!

    There are many new features that Wii Room v1.0 offers that weren’t largely present in older versions, including:

    We’ve also brought back a number of standard features, such as DSi video downloading, Credits on specific videos, and videos linking back to specific rooms! We hope to continue bringing more features and content to Wii Room in the near and far future. Stay tuned on our future announcements for more, and enjoy the channel once again!

    If you have an older version of both Wii Room and the Address Information installed on your console, you will need to uninstall and replace them with the current releases. Failing to do so will cause your copy to be unable to reach our servers.

    Partnerships with Sudomemo & FamicomCD!

    With some behind the scene agreements, we’ve partnered up with both Sudomemo and FamicomCD to bring their content over to to bring their content over from other sites to Wii Room, with future exclusive content on the line!

    If you’re an existing Sudomemo user, you can get some cool benefits from our partnership using Wii Room! Just install Wii Room using our handy install guide for it, and you’ll have the opportunity to get a special ticket that’ll give you some rewards, such as a Wii Room trophy for your Creator’s Room page!

    In the future, we plan to partner up with more services that’ll bring more video content, promotional material, and small goodies to our service!

    That’s right, we’re now bringing in our own original video content over to Wii Room with “WiiLink Originals”! Our first original show, Homebrew Tea, is currently available to watch on Wii Room. Future episodes plan to be irregularly released.

    We have many more original shows planned for the future of Wii Room, from micro-game reviews to a game show, and even more! Keep an eye out for more information about this in the future!

    Thank you for reading!

    Thanks for reading this recent announcement article for the WiiLink Newsletter! See y’all next Issue, and we hope that everyone gets along great with this new merger plan for years to come!

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