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Hey there! Welcome to the new and improved WiiLink website!

Site changes

As you can see, the website is looking rather fresh. Thanks to two new members of our team, we have a whole new look. Feel free to tell Alex and cinny how much you enjoy it, because I have!

With these changes, there’s a whole new front page, with a sleek and modern design showing off all of our channels (quite impressive if you ask me), including a quick and easy FAQ, team members at a glance, the latest news articles, and our current donators.

The news page has been completely revamped, with a brand new layout showcasing all of the new and old articles, including images to easy see what the contents are without having to click. It reminds me of a bookshelf, being able to easily see titles, and then easily being able to enter the one you’re interested in.

You may have noticed one of the most important updates to the site, the guide. In the past, you’d have to visit a seperate webpage to access installation guides for WiiLink, which was quite inconvenient. Luckily, we now have everything in one place! There is also a very nice Install now button at the top, quickly taking you to the download pages for the patchers, making downloading as easy as a couple clicks.

You may have noticed the sleek movement of the pages as you move across them, which in my opinion really brings it all together, keeping it smooth and stylish. We also have multiple languages on the site! By clicking on the 🌐 icon at the top right, you can quickly change the language to a preferred one. At the time of writing, there is only English, Español, and , however we are working on adding more languages.

Deliveroo real????

As you may know, we have had the Food Channel out for quite some time now. Fake ordering works flawlessly and Demae Domino’s works near that. Quite recently, Demae Deliveroo released! This makes 2 ways to order real food on your Wii. Feel free to try it out if you live in the United Kingdom, france, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, the UAE, Kuwait, or Qatar.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to access your credit card details (which are required to use Deliveroo). Many people have been concerned about this, but don’t fret, there’s nothing to worry about.

What’s next, you may ask? There aren’t many food services we have been able to figure out, HOWEVER, Just Eat just might be soon. Keep your eyes open.

Localisation updates and conclusion

Over the last while, our talented translators have been working on new translations for our channels, (for example Wii Room and Photo Prints Channel) completely revamped from old, broken English. We also have some channels translated to languages other than English!

That’s what has been going on in WiiLink recently, we know it’s not much, but please look out for some new stuff coming soon. Thank you for reading! <3

— oscie

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