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  • Wii Room content update!

    9 Nov 2022 oscie Developer/Manager

    Hiya and welcome back to the WiiLink website, your home for the top news stories in the Wii community (this is a joke).

    Previous content reuploaded

    Previously, we had removed all copyrighted content from Wii Room due to worries internally, but we have now resolved the issues and have a LOT of content back up, including original content that were on Wii Room when it was officially running!

    Here is what we have currently:

    At the moment, you can view these in the “Shows” section of the channel.

    We are constantly working on getting more original content back onto the channel, if you’d like to support our efforts in preservation, feel free to [donate on our Patreon]({{ site.patreon }})! There are a range of different perks you can get. All contributions are appreciated :)

    Translations underway

    One of our amazing team members and translators, Philemax, has began translating The Illustrated Book of the Earth ( 森羅万象地球図鑑 ) into English! You can view the current progress below:

    We are working on getting these translated episodes onto Wii Room, so keep an eye out for updates in our Discord server.

    Shop overhaul (kinda) and the DSi companion app

    Sketch has been working hard recently to figure out how the shop and DSi app works, and has made a lot of progress.

    When you open the shop, you will now get to hear music and see words on your screen (shocking).

    The DSi companion app (どこでもWiiの間, Wii Room Anywhere) has had some work done for it also, I have been attempting texture translations (buttons), which has been difficult but interesting.

    TV no Tomo, available to testers

    As of 2022.09.24, beta testers of WiiLink got access to TV no Tomo, which now works, although limited! We have had alot of testing recently to do with things such as TV remote and TV guide features, which both work! Setting the date to a specific time and day gives you access to the full guide, allowing you to see what was on in November of 2009!

    Now for the amazing part, TV remote functionality works!! We have had many people in the community eager to try this out, and when we found out, we were all shocked. One of our team members, Luna created a video showcasing the channel in its current state. Check it out:

    Yes, this does showcase the TV remote functionality.


    Thank you for reading this larger-than-expected update about Wii Room and TV no Tomo and thank you for your continuous support of the WiiLink project!

    — oscie

    He/Him | 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 | 16 | British kid who likes development, Splatoon, and rhythm gaming. May or may not own one too many squid plushies...
    Wii Room content update!
    Hiya and welcome back to the WiiLink website, your home for the top news stories in the Wii community (this is a joke).
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