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Wii Room Beta v3 is out

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Hi! It’s almost been a whole month since the last article but here we go again. As you may know, Wii Room Public Beta v3 is now out! If you haven’t seen, here is the Trailer, and the stream was at 2PM EDT. You can of course go to the YouTube channel and find it, since (at the time of writing this), it has not gone live yet. Here are the new features within Beta 3:

  • More accurate and thorough translations
  • Many strings don’t cut off anymore yay
  • Localized time in the main room! You can now see daylight :D
  • Suggested Videos now work finally
  • Less crashes/PPCHalts, you get to keep your ears
  • New News! It shall contain updates for content and other updates like that so keep an eye out.
  • Localized Strap Screen, for example if you have a French Wii, the strap screen will be in french!
  • More posters, these will be from Donators. If you want one of your own, donate here!
  • More theatre content: We have moved “Kirby: Right back at Ya!” to the theatre with authentic -posters!
  • Rooms support, with new content being updated there at some point (dont ask when, I have no clue)
  • Stability fixes, so hopefully less bugs
  • French/Dutch/Japanese will have a less chance of crashing.
  • Searching works! It has for a while now but I feel like it should be brought up.

Thank you for reading the summary of the update, have fun in Beta v3!

— oscie

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