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  • Major Merger Announcement!

    29 Dec 2023 NecroNova Content Curator

    Hey Everyone! Its your friendly newsletter poster, Nova, and i’m here to talk about an extremely important announcement regarding RiiConnect24, WiiLink, and their futures as services!

    The Lead of RiiConnect24’s Departure.

    If you are not currently aware, the main project lead for RiiConnect24, Larsenv (Larsen Vallecillo), has announced his official departure from the service on YouTube after managing the service for 8 1/2 Years.

    His departure will be a great markdown for both RiiConnect24’s history and even WiiLink’s history, as Larsen has entrusted WiiLink with overlooking RiiConnect24 for the very far future and beyond!

    You can watch Larsenv’s full video about his departure here, or in the embed below!

    With Larsenv’s departure being now known, the entire team has also decided that it would be best to merge our very own service with RiiConnect24!

    Everything from RiiConnect24 will now become a part of WiiLink, including Discord servers, revived Channels, and even miscellaneous projects such as RiiTag!

    RiiConnect24 will also be under the same development group as WiiLink, so most Channels and services it offers will still be fully operational, and will even be improved in the future. WiiLink’s own services (such as region-exclusive Channels and WWFC) will also stay with the WiiLink name.

    We look forward to the many new development possibilities with this merger, stay tuned from the team here at WiiLink for more announcements regarding both services!

    Thank you for reading!

    Thanks for reading the latest edition of the WiiLink Newsletter! See ya’ll next Issue, and we hope that everyone gets along great with this new merger plan for years to come!

    Content Curator
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