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  • Look, we're on Dolphin!

    19 Jun 2023 Alex Web Designer

    Hey you nice and cool people, Alex here with some news on the service!

    WiiConnecting your Wii on Dolphin is now easier than ever!

    This is the breaking news we mostly wanted you guys to know about. Thanks to Sketch’s efforts, there is now a button on the Dolphin Emulator settings to activate WiiLink’s services! Long gone are the days of patching WADs to get it to work. If you’re on an emulator, it’s as easy as 3 clicks (I counted!). To enable this, you will need to go to Config > Wii > Enable WiiLink, once you’re done, services like the Weather Channel, Nintendo Channel and the up-and-coming News Channel will come back to life (in a good, non-vindictive way of course, at least that’s what we hope >.<).


    Power-up your weather!

    Another great addition to the service is our commitment, or rather Luna’s commitment, to add every single major country and city to the Weather globe! We’re currently experiencing some issues with the service in the US, mainly because of filesize limitations our pal Palapeli is patching up. Once we’re all done, service will be resumed as usual and

    PLEASE NOTE: This patch MAY require modifying the Channel with our patcher, we’ll have to wait and see…

    Kirby TV, is that you?

    Okay so uhh, while migrating some stuff, we borked something that made the channel go off the air. Hovever, service should now be restored and you can now view the episodes from the TV show Kirby: Right Back at Ya on your Wii again!

    Why tune into CNN when you can boot up your Wii???

    To end things off with a BANG, yes, the News Channel is coming to the WiiLink family of services. Using your donations (ahem, our Patreon is right here, ahem ahem), we will be using the Apple News API to bring you, our dearest users, the best curated news from credible and diverse sources, in addition to new sections and topics!

    Important mention, this is still in very early development, so we don’t quite have an ETA just yet, and also some stuff is subject to change yada yada yada…

    What’s to come?

    We’re far from done, on my end, I will continue updating this website to keep it up to date and cool-looking, we’re also going to improve on our existing services and, and promise me not to tell, a new patcher with a Graphical User Interface, GUI! This will make it easier for everyone to use and install our amazing services without any command line knowledge at ALL!

    And this is all for now folks, we hope to see you people again soon.

    Catch y’all later!

    Web Designer
    he/him | VLC | 18 | Just some nerd who likes all things Wii and also codes websites as a hobby when he should be sleeping...
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