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    Welcome back to the WiiLink news page, it’s good to have you back! In the last checks watch 3 months since the last update, there have been many changes to WiiLink.

    Nintendo Channel

    On the 7th of January this year, the Nintendo Channel released publically to WiiLink users, on the PC WiiLink patcher. It supports all 7 languages of the Wii (Japanese, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch), all three regions (USA, JPN, and PAL), as well as custom banners. Watch the showcase:

    Alongside that, recommending DS demo’s is also supported. A video by myself showcases how it works!

    In order to get it up and running, you have to use our PC patcher (read more about that below) and follow instructions set in the WiiLink Discord. There is no wii.guide page for this.

    Every 2-4 weeks, the Nintendo Channel will receive content updates, such as new videos, demos, and more to come as time continues.

    Forecast Channel

    On the 5th of February this year, the Forecast Channel released to WiiLink, the second WiiConnect24 channel to be released by WiiLink. There are massive improvements from other services, and includes countries not originally supported by the Wii (such as Israel, China, and even North Korea).

    Luckily, installing the Forecast Channel is a LOT easier than Nintendo Channel, you only need a homebrew app (which is on the Open Shop Channel) to setup. As time continues, countries will have a lot more support, though it is a manual process and will take time. If your country doesn’t have many cities, do not fret!

    New Patcher

    Our previous patcher was getting old and confusing to use, so we have decided to make a new version which is easier to use and built from the ground up. On this note, the Wii patcher has been discontinued (sorry to the 3 people who used it). Having it this way makes it much easier for features on the Windows patcher to be used on Unix devices such as MacOS and Linux.

    On this note, a new developer has joined the team! PablosCorner has developed this new patcher and has done a very good job with it!

    A lot of stuff is still in the works, such as video preservation, new channels, and updates. Keep your eyes and ears peeled because a new channel may be joining the WiiLink family soon!

    Thank you very much for reading this much needed update on WiiLink, have a good day.

    — oscie

    he/him | 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 | 15 | Lad from ol' Brittania who loves coding and everything Splatoon related. May or may not own one too many squid plushies...

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