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    24 Sept 2023 NecroNova Content Curator

    Hey Guys & Gals alike reading this, i’m Nova and i’m here to talk about the News on what’s happened for WiiLink in the past few months!

    The Everybody Votes Channel has been Released!

    The Everybody Votes Channel is now our most recent revival and addition to WiiLink24! Vote on Polls and Suggest Questions to your hearts content once again with this revived channel! We even support languages such as Catalan & Russian for this release, as well as support for EVERY country available!


    Major Site Re-Writing time!

    If you’ve noticed, the website has been (mostly) entirely re-written! Everything should now be less outdated and more enjoyable to read! The site has gotten Installation Guides for each Channel section we have, so that you aren’t confused on how to install a certain Channel!

    The website is still getting updates, and we have a redesign coming in on the horizon, so be on the lookout for those at anytime!

    Kirby TV, is that you again (again)?!

    To everyone who couldn’t get the Kirby TV Channel working before, its finally back up & running! The schedule has been reset and Episodes should now be playing on the Channel again (again)!

    The issue with the Channel that plagued its re-runs before was on the server side of things. Now that it has been fixed, you can all continue watching Kirby on your Wii again (again)!


    Food Channel (Demae) Deliveroo Discontinuation…

    Recently, the developers of the Food Channel have made the very unfortunate decision to permanently discontinue the Deliveroo service for the Food Channel.

    As quoted from our project lead:

    “The issue that we encountered is that Deliveroo could detect us sending out multiple requests at once and instantly terminated our connection to their server. Our attempts at lengthening the intervals at which we send out the requests caused the server to be too slow, making the channel timeout.”

    Entering the Deliveroo version of the Food Channel will give you a Discontinuation Message in Japanese. We’re extremely sorry for the inconvenience from this Service. Thank you for understanding why we have shut it down.

    Thats all, Folks!

    Thank you for reading the latest edition of the WiiLink Newsletter! See ya’ll next Issue, and catch up on WiiLink’s content while you’re waiting!

    Content Curator
    She/Her | English | A Major Experimenter when it comes to Homebrew Software for Nintendo Consoles.
    An update to yesterday's update
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    Major Merger Announcement!
    An important announcement regarding RiiConnect24 & WiiLink's future offerings. If you are not currently aware, the main project lead for RiiConnect24, Larsenv (Larsen Vallecillo), has announced his official departure from the service on YouTube after managing the service for 8 1/2 Years.
    Food Channel Release Date
    Welcome back to the WiiLink website people! Try not to faint while reading this article, because when I found out, I almost died.