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    23 Nov 2021 oscie Developer/Manager

    Hey there people! It has been way too long since the last update, so this will be a long one. Theres been alot of new progress on stuff such as Demae Channel, Digicam, our custom Wii Patcher and Wii Room (GO and 770 in particular o.o).

    Recently, the Wii turned 15 🎉, which is a big step, and in commemoration, Luna (an Admin and Translator) has created a documentary showing off the Wii’s entire online history, which you can check out here! Since the last update too, Spotlight stepped down as the lead of the project, being replaced with Sketch, who we have all welcomed as the owner with open arms.

    Lets start with Demae

    Translations have been rebooted fully and as of now, the English translation is almost fully completed! Sketch ordered a few pizzas with Demae since the last update, and you can see the latest stream highlights here:

    The Webpanel for Demae is complete, making it easier for developers to add stores and custom restaurants have been added. Dominos works too and more restaurants are planned for the future so keep an eye on that ;)

    Wii Room Updates

    ”This is still being worked on??” Yes, it is dear reader. We have been working hard on fixing translations for full release in the near future, alongside some work on Wii Room GO. Videos have been starting and translations for the application are complete! The manual is being worked on so keep an eye on that.

    Wii Room v770 has been released to testers as of November 22nd, working almost completely missing out translations which have barely just started.

    Wii Fit Body Check Channel Info

    While development has stopped for now (for bigger and better things), we have found some cool info about it, by going to the store page in the Wii Shop Channel (Thanks giustino for working on that with me!). We found a description on how the channel would work through images, though we wont make that public for now.

    Digicam Print Channel and Wii Patcher

    For the 15th anniversary of the Wii, we released a special version of the Digicam Print Channel WAD in the Wii Patcher containing special Wii Themed cards. There is:

    The Wii Patcher may look familiar to you if you have used our SPD, which is what the channels GUI is based off of. It was built entirely from the ground up by Sketch.

    Thank you for reading this news post, it has been quite a while so thanks for sticking with us! Alot of work is still going on behind the scenes and we hope to be able to give more updates on projects soon.

    On a final note, the release date for Wii Room v1025’s full release is: d2F0Y2g/dj0xbS1sTVRiZHAyTQ==

    — oscie

    He/Him | 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 | 16 | British kid who likes development, Splatoon, and rhythm gaming. May or may not own one too many squid plushies...
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