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    5 Dec 2021 oscie Developer/Manager

    Hey there and welcome back to another news post! This month of December will be a great one for you if you enjoy Wii Room, because we have packed this month full of fun events. Here is a timetable of everything we have to offer this month:

    Dec 7th: Wii Room Q&A

    On the 7th of December at 6PM EST (11pm GMT, 12am CEST, 3pm PST), we will have a Q&A all about Wii Room in our Discord server! Here you can ask anything about Wii Room, from progress, to features, anything! It’ll be hosted by Sketch with some other team members with us to assist with the questions we get.

    On the 12th of December, the server will join in a voice chat and play many assorted Wii games, so come join us when it is time and have fun with the community!

    Dec 18th: Wii Room Movie Night

    We have tried this before, so we are trying it again! At some point, there will be a movie in the theatre room for you to watch! It’ll be christmas-themed due to the time of year, so get ready!

    Dec 19: Special POTW

    I have no clue what this will be so keep your eyes out for this. It’ll be from a special person so be prepared!

    Dec 21: Release Trailer

    On the 21st, the Wii Room full release trailer will release! This trailer will be made by the wonderful Pineapple, you can check his content out here! He had previously made the Search for Digicam video we had for Digicam so have high expectations for this edition!

    Dec 25: v1025 Release

    Finally, the day we have all been waiting for!!! This month, our translators and developers have been working hard to get the channel fully finished for Christmas to release, so please do thank them! The channel will finally be in all languages the Wii supports so you can use it comfortably in your own language.

    Thank you for reading this edition of WiiLink News, I hope you will enjoy this month, and on behalf of everyone on the team, thank you for using WiiLink!

    — oscie

    He/Him | 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 | 16 | British kid who likes development, Splatoon, and rhythm gaming. May or may not own one too many squid plushies...
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