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A brief (but large) WiiLink update

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  • Digicam Print Channel is in private beta and is soon to release. - Testers have been going at it finding bugs, and also PPCHalts, as always :D.
  • Demae Channel update - As you may know, there used to be a channel exclusively in Japan that let you order food from your Wii. While ours may not allow you to order real food, you can still emulate the experience, with dummy ordering. The translation is going well, and the servers are going better, with new findings almost each week!
  • Wii Fit Body Check Channel - As you may have noticed, on the services page, The “Wii Fit Body Check channel” will release on April 1st. Bascially what it allowed you to do was use the Wii Fit game to do some body tests, and it would send it straight to your doctors office. While it wont work with us, you will get an email with the results, which is still amazing! Snoot and Sketch have been working tirelessly for the last few days working on this, so dont forget to thank them!

Thanks for reading my first news update, it’s been a while since one so I hope this cleared alot up!

— oscie

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