Kirby TV and food ordering
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Kirby TV and food ordering

Hey there! Thanks for checking back in to the WiiLink news page, I appreciate it! We have a LOT of new information today, so buckle up…

Kirby TV Channel Re-run

Over the past while, I have been developing an easy way for WiiLink developers to re-run the Kirby TV episodes for your viewing pleasure, and today, it is finally being put to use! Today at 16:00 UTC (18:00 CEST, 12:00 ET), Kirby episodes will begin to show up, being viewable for 4 days at a time, with a new episode showing up every day. Alongside this, the Settings Menu has been fully revamped, working perfectly as intended. If you have the channel installed, you do not need to re-install it! If you do not have the channel, you can download it at

Food Channel Release

As previously mentioned in the last news update, the Food Channel has released! It was insane!!!! We had about 100 people in the Voice Chats of our Discord server which you should totally join by the way, all discussing the release. We spent so much time crunching in the final few strings to make it just on time for the release date. Don’t fret, we are aware that there are some issues with the translation and the team are working on it to get it perfect.

Real Food Ordering

One of our most talented developers on the team, giustino, has been helping us get real food ordering ready for a while now, with his cool reverse engeneering tactics on the Domino’s and Deliveroo API.

On this note, Domino’s is ready for private testing! Please join the Discord server and run /apply in #bot-commands. Be quick, because there is a limited amount of spots open. Please note that this is only available for users in the United States of America and Canada. Terms and Conditions Apply.

We apologise for the limited areas that this works in, but other services are being worked on! For example, Deliveroo (working in Australia, France, the United Kingdom and more) is very close to completion, so keep an ear out for more news on this.

A very new news page

You may have noticed, while visiting this page, that it looks absolutely different here! With many thanks to Snoot, they have completely redesigned the way that the news pages work, making it easier and more readable for you!

Thank you very much for reading this incredibly huge update, we hope to see you back here soon!

— oscie

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Kirby TV and food ordering
Hey there! Thanks for checking back in to the WiiLink news page, I appreciate it! We have a LOT of new information today, so buckle up...
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