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    SD Card or USB Drive

    Internet Connection

    Windows, Mac, or Linux Computer

    Where will you be using WiiLink?

    vWii (Wii U) ONLY

    If you’re on vWii, these steps are required. Otherwise, skip to Section I.

    1. Download the Priiloader Installer from here.
    2. Open the Priiloader.zip file and copy the apps folder to your SD Card or USB Drive.
    3. Download Load Priiloader from here.
    4. Unzip the LoadPriiloader.zip file and copy the apps folder to the root of your SD Card or USB Drive.
    5. Visit this site to generate a Priiloader patch that will fix a timestamp issue.
    6. Follow the instructions on the page then copy the result.
    7. On your SD Card or USB Drive, traverse to apps/priiloader and open hacks_hash.ini
    8. Paste the patch from Step 6 at the bottom of the hacks_hash.ini Save the file, then proceed to Step 9
    9. Launch Priiloader.
    10. Follow the installation steps.
    11. Launch Load Priiloader
    12. Using your Wii Remote, go to System Menu Hacks.
    13. Enable Fix NWC24iSetUniversalTime from the menu. If you’re on a Wii U, enable Permanent vWii System Settings, Wii System Settings via Options Button, and Create message via Calendar button. (Feel free to enable other options while you’re in this menu)
    14. Scroll down to save settings and press A, then press B to go back to the main menu of Priiloader.
    15. Return to the system menu.

    Section I - Patching WADs

    If you want to see detailed instructions on how to install the WADs, click here!

    1. Visit the WiiLink Patcher releases page and download the correct patcher for your operating system.

    2. On Windows, run WiiLink_Patcher_Windows_v2.X.X.exe.

      On MacOS, right click the WiiLink_Patcher_macOS-<arch>_v2.X.X file in Finder and click Open.

      On Linux, open a Terminal, type bash (space included), then drag the file onto the Terminal window. It should look like this: bash /path/to/WiiLink_Patcher_Linux-<arch>_v2.X.X

    For Linux and MacOS Users: Replace <arch> with either x64 or arm64 depending on your system architecture.

    1. Choose your installation setup:

    Express Installation

    • Press 1 for Express Install Setup. Follow the steps below:
      1. Select your region for the WiiConnect24 channels.
      2. Select whether or not you would like to install the WiiLink channels.
      3. Select what language you would like for the WiiLink channels as well as your preferred Food Channel version if you chose to install them.
      4. Select your console platform.
      5. At the Insert SD Card / USB Drive (if applicable) step, press 1 to begin patching.

    Custom Installation

    • Press 2 for Custom Install Setup. Follow the steps below:
      1. Select which channels you would like to install out of the list.
      2. Select your console platform.
      3. At the Insert SD Card / USB Drive (if applicable) step, press 1 to begin patching.
      4. It may take a moment for the patcher to download the files to your SD Card or USB Drive.
      5. Once it’s done, you can safely close the patcher. All of the files are ready on your SD Card.
      6. If it did not copy everything automatically to your SD Card or USB Device, copy the WAD and apps folder next to the WiiLink Patcher file to your SD Card or USB Device.

    Section II - Installing WADs and Patching Wii Mail

    1. Put your SD card or USB drive in your Wii.
    2. Launch the Homebrew Channel on your Wii.
    3. Launch yawmME (YAWM ModMii Edition).
    4. Press A to select your source device, which defaults to Wii SD Card.
    5. If your Wii is not Japanese region, install WiiLink SPD (Wii).wad or WiiLink SPD (vWii).wad(Depending on console) before anything else. This is required so that we know your email address to send files.
    6. Highlight all other WADs and press + to select them. When all of them are selected, press A twice to install the WADs.
    7. After they are successfully installed, press the HOME Button to exit back to the Homebrew Channel.
    8. Open the WiiLink Mail Patcher application inside the Homebrew Channel.
    9. Follow the on-screen instructions.
    10. Once the patcher is finished, you can return to the Wii Menu.

    Section III (Optional) - Connecting to DNS and using the Address Information settings (SPD)

    Connecting to DNS

    This step is optional, but it’s recommended as it allows additional services to function.

    1. Go to the Wii Settings —> Internet —> Connection Settings —> the Connection that you’re using —> Change Settings.

    2. Make your way to the “Auto-Obtain DNS” setting.

    Take note that the “Auto-Obtain IP Address” and “Auto-Obtain DNS” settings both look similar, so be sure that you’re on the DNS setting.

    1. Once you made sure that you’re on the DNS setting, Click on “No”, then “Advanced Settings”.

    Set your Primary DNS to —>
    Set your Secondary DNS to —>

    1. After you’re done setting up the DNS, save the changes and let the system perform the Connection Test.

    2. If the Connection Test is successful, make your way back to the second page of the system settings.

    If the Connection Test failed, use a different Internet Connection or try again.

    1. Select WiiConnect24 then set “WiiConnect24” and “Standby Connection” to On.

    2. Go back to the 1st page of the “Internet” page, then select “User Agreements”, then select “Yes”.

    3. Allow the EULA to load. The developers recommended that you read the EULA, as it gives information about the service. If you do not see the WiiLink logo on the EULA, the DNS will not work on your network. If you want to enable it, you can use the DNS Server application.

    4. Once you read the EULA, Click on “I Accept”.

    Adding Personal Information

    WiiLink never stores your personal data. For more information on what is used, read our Privacy Policy.

    Adding your personal information to the Address Information Settings will allow the Photo Prints Channel to send images to your email, and the Food Channel to deliver the food to your house.

    You are responsible for entering your correct Address Information. Failure to do so may result in emails and/or orders not succeeding.

    Photo Prints Channel

    1. Launch the Photo Prints Channel from your Wii’s home menu.
    2. On the bottom right, press Address Settings and then Yes.
    3. Click on Email Address within the settings and type in your email address. (make sure you put it in correctly or it will not work!)
    4. Press OK and then Done.
    5. Once you are in the SPD main menu, choose Digicam in the Choose Channel menu.

    Food Channel

    1. Launch the Food Channel from your Wii’s home menu.
    2. In the Delivery Address, Press the Change Address Information button in the main menu.
    3. Replace the Placeholder info with the Following:
    • Your First and Last Name
    • Your Phone Number (country code FIRST, phone number afterwards)
    • Your City
    • Your Home Address
    • Your Zip Code

    (Make sure you put it in correctly or it will not work! Use the example data in the settings as a template to put your information in correctly.)

    1. Press OK and then Done
    2. Once you are in the SPD main menu, choose Demae in the Choose Channel menu.
    3. When you return to the Food Channel via SPD, it will display your information that you put in and will give a confirmation box. Once you double check and everything is correct, click on Yes.