Food Channel

To your house without moving a finger.

Explore meals from the comfort of your time:

-Deliver your favorites directly from your Wii.

-Order anything available.

-Find something new you enjoy.



What do I do if I get error -1017 when installing?

This is a known issue with the patcher! In the meantime, you will find a file titled Demae.wad on the root of your SD card. Use your favorite WAD manager to install!

What do I do if I get error -1022 when installing?

Using your favorite WAD manager, uninstall the Demae channel, and install again. For many, this means going to the location the Demae WAD is located, and pressing the - (minus) button on your Wii remote.

I’m getting an error message when adding food to my basket

Please try erasing save data for the Demae Channel, and setting it up again! Let us know in #demae-support if you continue to experience issues.

Will the Demae Channel order real food?

Yes! Some current information:

  • Support has been developed for Domino’s in Canada, and Deliveroo in Europe.
  • There are plans to expand more services over to Demae for other countries.

If this ever changes throughout development, we will always have fake ordering, with restaurants curated from our team!

When Demae Channel releases, how will I pay for food?

The Demae Channel only supports pay-on-delivery, where you will have to pay in either cash or card, to the delivery driver. You cannot input your card details into the Demae Channel or Set Personal Data in any way.

No, we cannot see your address. The only time we ever receive it is when you place an order, where it is sent straight to the provider (e.g. Dominos), not us.