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    Internet Connection

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    Installation Guide (Dominos)

    Section I - Getting Started

    1. Download the latest version of the WiiLink Patcher for your operating system.
    2. Launch the patcher and begin the Express Setup process.
    3. Once you get to the WiiLink channels language selection screen, select 1. English Translation in order to gain access to the Food Delivery Channel (Domino’s) channel.
    4. Next, you’ll be asked which version of Food Delivery Channel you want. Pick 2. Domino's (US and Canada only).
    5. After that, you can go through the rest of the process, but once you reach the final step, be sure to pick the correct console platform you’re installing this on, as it will matter when using the app.

    Section II - Registering your Console ID

    1. After completing the setup process, go to the WiiLink Discord server to register your Wii’s console ID.

    2. Use the Get Console ID Homebrew App that was given by the patcher. This is used to retrieve your system’s Console ID.

    3. Visit the #bot-commands channel on the Discord server.

    4. Type the command /dominos in the chat, placing your Console ID that you got from the Get Console ID homebrew app, in the parameter box, otherwise the command will not work and will be posted publicly on the channel.


    5. Double-check that you’ve typed the correct Console ID, as it can’t be re-registered. If you need to re-register, ask a staff member in the server for assistance.

    Section III - Installing WADs

    You will now install the Food Delivery Channel and Set Personal Data channels.

    1. Put your SD card or USB drive in your Wii.

    2. After registering your console ID, go to the Homebrew Channel and launch YAWM ModMii Edition.

    3. In the WAD Manager menu, locate Food Channel (Domino's) [English] (WiiLink).wad.

    4. Also locate WiiLink SPD (Wii).wad or WiiLink SPD (vWii).wad, depending on your console platform.

    5. Select both WADs by pressing + on each one.

    6. Press A to install the selected WADs.

    If you happen to get Error -1022/Error -1029 when installing Food Channel (Domino's) [English] (WiiLink).wad, uninstall the channel by selecting the WAD with - and pressing A. Then, re-install the WAD.

    Section IV - Setting your address information

    WiiLink never stores your personal data. For more information on what is used, read our Privacy Policy.

    You are responsible for entering your correct address information. Failure to do so may result in orders not succeeding.

    In this section you will be setting your address information. This is required for proper usage of Food Channel (Domino’s).

    1. Launch the Food Channel from the Wii Menu.

    2. If you have not previously set your address information, a prompt telling you to set it will appear. Press the Address Info button. Otherwise, click the Change Address Information button in the main menu.

    3. Now you are in the Address Information menu. Press the arrows to traverse screens. Here you will enter your data. When you are finished, click the Done button and then Demae.

      imgcaroussel imgcaroussel

    Section V - Placing an order

    This section requires you to have cash to pay for your meal.

    If you have used the standard version of the Food Delivery Channel before, go to
    Wii Menu settings -> Data Management -> Save Data -> Wii, then find the
    Food Delivery Channel icon and click “Erase” to delete the existing save data.

    If you have previously placed an order, skip to step 4.

    1. Launch the Food Delivery Channel (aka. Food Channel) from the Wii Menu

    2. Follow the on-screen instructions, then click Order in the main menu.


    3. You will now be prompted to select your region. Be sure to select your residing country correctly. Failure to do so will result in restaurants failing to load. You will then be prompted to select your state/province, then city. If your city is not on the list, you can select any one as it does not matter.


    4. Click the Pizza button. This will load all the restaurants in your area. The first restaurant in the list is the one closest to you.

    5. Click See Menu to list the different menu categories. Click the category you would like, then select a food item. In the item screen, you can add toppings and adjust quantity.

    6. After adding a food item, you will be brought to the basket. To add a food item, scroll to the bottom and select Add Order. To proceed to checkout, click Next.

    7. Review your order throughly before placing the order. When you are ready, click the big green Order button.


    8. If no error appeared, your order was placed successfully! To track your order, simply visit the Domino’s Tracker for your region and enter the phone number you entered in the Address Information menu.

    Happy ordering!

    If you need help for anything regarding this tutorial, please join the WiiLink Discord Server.

    Currently, only the USA and Canada are supported for Dominos on the Food Channel.

    You cannot use the default Dolphin NAND with this service. You must use your own NAND dump. This can be done in Dolphin by going to the toolbar and clicking Tools -> Manage NAND -> Import BootMii NAND Backup.

    Installation Guide (Fake Ordering)

    Simply install the channel and run it, adding fake information in the SPD channel when prompted.

    Troubleshooting & Questions

    ”I got error -1022/-1029 when installing the Food Channel/SPD WAD! What do I do?”

    Using your favorite WAD manager, uninstall the Food Channel/SPD, and install again. For many, this means going to the location the WAD is located, and pressing the - (minus) button on your Wii remote, and pressing A to uninstall. Then, install the WAD again.

    ”I’m getting an error message when adding food to my basket! What do I do?”

    Please try erasing save data for the Demae Channel, and setting it up again! Let us know in #demae-support if you continue to experience issues.

    ”How do I pay for my order on the Food Channel?”

    The Food Channel only supports pay-on-delivery, where you will have to pay in either cash or card, to the delivery driver. You cannot input your card details into the Food Channel or Address Information menu.

    No, we cannot see your address. The only time we ever receive it is when you place an order, where it is sent straight to the provider (e.g. Dominos), not us.