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    Get some info on common errors!

    Error Code: -1017 Food Channel

    This is a known issue with the patcher! In the meantime, you will find a file titled "Food Channel (English).wad" on the root of your SD card. Use your favorite WAD manager to install!

    Wii Update Food Channel/Photo Prints Channel

    If the system asks you to update. It means that you didn't install the "WiiLink SPD (Wii).wad" or the "WiiLink SPD (vWii).wad" (Depending on your Console) using yawmME, go to the location where you put the WiiLink SPD.wad, then install it by pressing the A Button twice on your Wii remote.

    Error: -1022/Error -1029 Any Channel

    Using your favorite WAD manager, Uninstall the Channel, and Install again. For many, this means going to the Location the Channel WAD, and Pressing the - (minus) button on your Wii remote, and Pressing A to Uninstall. Then, Install the WAD again.

    Pink Bar European Wiis

    If you see a Pink Bar at the bottom of your TV/Screen, Go to the Wii Settings -> Screen -> TV Resolution, then set the TV Resolution to 60 HZ (480p/480i).

    Adding Food to Basket Food Channel

    Please try erasing save data for the Demae Channel, and setting it up again! Let us know in #support if you continue to experience issues.

    Error Code: 51330 Internet Error

    Make sure that your Internet Connection to your Wii is working by doing a Connection Test. if it's Successful, run the Patcher again. If it Fails, Use a different Internet Connection.

    Error: 109139 Any Channel

    WiiConnect24 service isn’t activated on your console. Go to Wii Settings → WiiConnect24 and agree to it’s terms of use. If it reports that “WiiConnect24 and Wii Shop Channel service is not currently being offered”, try changing your Wii’s country setting (for European Wiis, “United Kingdom” is recommended). If it succeeds, you may attempt to switch back to your actual country, though it may not be supported in all regions.
    If the issue persists, ensure that “Standby Connection” is enabled in WiiConnect24 settings and in Priiloader (if you use it) and “Parental Controls” are turned off.

    Error Code: 354 Wii Room

    Please Join our Discord server or message us on our Twitter account with more information. This error is server-side, so please let us know what happened for it to occur!

    PAL crashes Japanese channels

    Unfortunately, this is a known issue. We're aware of many crashes for PAL Region consoles. We continue to work on a solution for this, thank you for your patience.